Industry Overview
Wood / Plastic
Businesses that process wood and plastic trust our comprehensive range of products. Because they know we understand their needs.

Working with kitchen and furniture manufacturers, shopfitters, panel fabricators and Perspex and plastics processors has equipped us with an unparalleled level of knowledge.

Industry Overview
Allied Tooling have entered the composite world hand in hand with our exclusive partner, C6 Tooling. We recognise this as a burgeoning market that we are perfectly equipped to service. Because of our extensive experience and world class CNC capabilities we are announcing ourselves as the brand that will change the game and provide the essential Cutting Edge!
Industry Overview
For more than 40 years, supplying and servicing metal-cutting sawblades has been our stock-in-trade. The market has evolved and adapted, and so have we.

A welding agent for Morse, Lenox and Bahco bandsaws, supplying and servicing Stark SHSS circular sawblades and the only distributor for AKE in the UK. Whatever the application, we ensure precision matters.

Industry Overview
We approach everything from an engineering standpoint. Using our experience and expertise to develop solutions for a diverse range of situations.

We manufacture our own Solid Carbide shank tooling, offer coating, design and finishing options as well as a regrinding and refurbishing service. All of which makes us the perfect engineering partner you can rely on.

Product Focus
2224 Series
AKE Super Sonic
Panel Sizing
Your saw blades lead a demanding life. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced technicians understand this. There is no saw we cannot sharpen.
Our Services
If it cuts, we sharpen it. Or if your blades are dull, we will brighten them. We have a keen eye for a keen edge.
The Allied Story
Our experience, built over four decades, is unparalleled. And our reputation remains unblemished, like the blades, cutters and edges we sharpen. You can trust us, many do.
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Our experience, built over four decades, is unparalleled.
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