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Modern design demands clean edges and sleek lines. Whether it’s wood, plastic, metal or a composite, a smooth, sharp finish is always needed. From boat builders to kitchen makers, Formula 1 racers to airplane manufacturers; our blades and tooling let businesses cut with confidence.

Because precision matters.
AKE TCT & PCD Circular Saw Blades
AKE are a world leading manufacturer of circular saw blades. Based in Balingen in Germany, AKE have pioneered saw blade design & manufacture for over 60 years and have a diverse portfolio of knowledge covering all manufacturing sectors including panel production, plastic processing, aluminium processing and all forms of raw wood cutting.
To accompany the range of TCT sawblades AKE also manufacture PCD & Solid Carbide CNC Tooling and related products for the processing of panel materials, solid wood, plastics & aluminium. Roughing, finishing, sizing, shaping, rebating, forming is just a small insight into what is capable with AKE tooling.
Bandsaw Blades
M42 or carbide tipped, general purpose or production cutting - . Our world class suppliers are constantly innovating with an ever increasing diversity of materials on offer and the need to cut accurately with minimum waste as fast as possible our bandsaw blades can meet any demand. Allied Tooling offers in house bandsaw welding from our Poole HQ.
Engineering Cutting Tools
This represents just a snap shot of what we can offer. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality. Coupled with our inspection equipment including our AKE Real Time Analyser we can inspect the cutting edges and geometry and guarantee our customers an unrivalled service.
HSS Saw Blades
With CNC machines for servicing and a comprehensive new issue stock available for delivery. Allied Tooling has over 40 years of expertise within this industry. From general purpose to production cutting we have the solutions for you.
Allied Servicing
Our comprehensive sharpening service operated from our HQ in Poole offers the latest CNC sharpening technology for a huge range of cutting tools for the manufacturing sectors. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality.
Heat Shrink & Balancing
Our in-house Haimer heat shrink facility allows for new issue tooling to be supplied complete in tool holders, these can then be balanced as a 1 piece unit on our Haimer balancing machine to the highest tolerances giving our customer peace of mind and the knowledge that our tooling meets the most demanding applications.
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