Our roots are firmly anchored in the woodworking industry. We offer a comprehensive range of services from supply and sharpening of TCT Sawblades to bespoke CNC and PCD tooling with every wood cutting ancillary offered in between.

Allied Tooling Ltd are the largest privately owned saw sharpening company in the UK.

Complete with a full range of Vollmer robotic loading CNC facilities capable of grinding a multitude of tooth forms including hollow ground faces and diameters now up to 1300mm ᴓ on state of the art facilities make for a precision and rigorously efficient servicing environment.
We have long and valued partnerships with AKE, GDA, Micor, JSO, CMT, Titman and Trend among other high end quality tooling manufacturers where we benefit from going to the market place to satisfy our customer base rather sell from one rigid catalogue. This way we can tailor each enquiry for our customer’s needs rather than making do with what’s available.

We offer all manner of spindle block tooling, profile designing and grinding including Euro knives, Whitehill cutters and a healthy stock of HSS and TCT serrated back knives.

Being fully equipped with ample capacity, 8 vans offering a weekly service across England and Wales & more than 38 years of continuing experience we are more than ready to serve your every wood machining whim.

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TCT Straight / Profiled

Solid Carbide




HSS / Carbide Window Routers

TC Tips/Knives 

T C Throw Away

T C Profiled

Profiled HSS / TCT Serrated

Profiled HSS / TCT Whitehill Style

Profiled HSS / TCT ‘Euro’ Knives

HSS / TCT Planning Knives

M42 / TCT Tersa Planning Knives

Other Planing Systems

Spindle Tooling 





TCT Sawblades 

Laminated Panels

Natural Wood


Real Time Analyser 

The Real-Time-Analyser (= RTA) is a system for professional tool analysis coupled with a high-quality optical measuring unit. Due to its modular design it is suitable for analysing the most diverse tools. With the RTA everything that fits under the magnifier can be analysed and it is thus a versatile all-rounder – designed for daily application at the (grinding) machine.


Full range of abrasives for the metal working industry.

Flat sheets, Rolls, Paper Belts , Cloth Belts , Discs, Paper Discs, Fibre Discs, Flap Discs, Non –Woven abrasives in various grades and weights. VSM main agent we also sell Grinding wheels, abrasive and super abrasives.