Tool Grinding and Re-Sharpening Poole

Have your tools lost their sharp quality? From overuse and general wear, your tools will become dull and less efficient if you don’t regularly maintain their quality. Using the latest machines and techniques in the industry, our engineers at Allied Tooling provide tool grinding and re-sharpening in Poole that will bring out the sharp quality of your tools and equipment.

Our Poole tool grinding and re-sharpening services

Do you want to optimise the performance of your tools? If your work is hands-on and relies on the effectiveness of your equipment, then you need to make sure that they are at the sharpest level of quality. Our Poole tool grinding and re-sharpening services will transform your tools and ensure that they are working to the highest calibre.

Features of our re-sharpening and Poole tool grinding Tool Grinding and Re-Sharpening Poole

When it comes to our engineering services, our re-sharpening and Poole tool grinding equipment and software give the best results. Some of the features include:

Latest technology and software

Using one of the latest machines and software on the market, ANCA CNC technology, the team at Allied Tooling will give you the best results in your tool grinding services. ANCA takes pride in its precision, high-level productivity and versatile cut and designs to create a wide variety of tools.

Precision cut

Every tool is designed and manufactured differently. We have the means and experience to grind and re-sharpen your tools back into the required shape no matter how difficult the design. Every project is carried out with accuracy and precision being at the forefront of our minds.

Flexible grinding and sharpening

As the range of complex tools grow, you need a Poole re-sharpening and tool grinding service that is flexible to your needs, and caters to your necessary design requirements. Our machines have the functionality to cut, grind and sharpen a wide variety of tool designs. So no matter what tools need our service, you can be sure that with Allied Tooling, you will receive the best engineering work for your equipment.

Quality control

Safety and superb results are both of our utmost importance. At Allied Tooling, we follow a complete quality control environment to make sure every project is carried out correctly and securely. As a result, we deliver the best results around in your tool grinding and cutting services.

Why choose Allied Tooling?

We set up Allied Tooling on the premise of creating a reliable tool grinding and sharpening service that will be one of the largest in the UK. With our knowledge and understanding of the importance of crafting tools and equipment, with Allied Tooling you will receive:

  • Competitive prices
  • Metal and woodworking services
  • Money and time-saving benefits
  • Secure and safe environment
  • Smooth, precise finishes
  • Tool life-extending quality
  • Wide range of services

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