HSS Sawblades are available from stock in variety of diameters and coatings. The majority of our stock is held in blanks and is toothed to specification when ordered along with the correct cutting angle for your application. All blades have pre-cut uni slots to fit all machines.

Should you require assistance on the tooth pitch, cutting angle, or feeds and speeds for your application, please do not hesitate to give our experienced sales team a call for advice.


High Speed Tungsten Molybdenum Steel hardened and tempered to 64 HRC (+/-1). Used on all types of machines to cut tubes, pipes, and solid sections made out of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with tensile strengths up to 900 N/mm2 up to 160mm cross section.

Surface Hardness: 900 HV

Coefficient of friction: 0.65


Tin-Coated (Titanium Nitride)

This is a coating with a very low coefficient of friction that allows cutting with an excellent finish, avoiding “pickup” on the edge of the blade teeth even at very high cutting speeds.

Surface Hardness: 2200-2400 HV

Coefficient of friction: 0.55


TiAlN-Coated (Titanium Aluminium Nitride)

Suitable for cutting materials with a very high tensile strength, stainless steels, and abrasive materials such as cast iron, silicon aluminium alloys, brass, and copper. Particularly suited to dry cutting due to its low coefficient of friction.

Surface Hardness: 3300-3500 HV

Coefficient of friction: 0.45